My Smart Locks - Installation Service

 Terms and Conditions

  1. Scope of Service

Our installation service encompasses the following:

    • Removal of the existing lock.
    • Maintaining and leaving the premises in a clean condition, ensuring it is equivalent to its state before the commencement of the job.
    • Verification of the door lock and installation to ensure there are no additional issues.


    • Programming and Setup: Customers seeking assistance in programming or setup may contact our Support team by scanning the QR code located underneath the battery cover, as instructed by our installer.
    • Painting or Patching: We do not undertake the painting or patching of any marks or holes left on the door resulting from the removal of the existing lock or door handle.

2. Accessory Notification

Prior to scheduling a Work Order, we will inform you of any additional accessories required to complete the installation. Corresponding charges for these accessories will be clearly communicated.

Example of additional accessory - Philips Rebate (240mm) Standard - $61.60 + GST
(Prices may differ – please check with our Support Team)

3. Installation Schedule

Installation services are only available during weekday business hours. We do not conduct installations on weekends or holidays.

4. Installation Process

Protective Footwear: To ensure the safety of our installers, appropriate protective footwear must be worn at all times when installing the locks. You may wish to place floor coverings to protect your flooring and carpets from debris and dust generated from the installation process.

Additional charges: In the event the installation was unable to be completed due to circumstances beyond our control – such as door misalignment, door not ready for installation - an extra charge of a call-out fee may be incurred if our installer has to return to complete the installation.

By availing of our Installation Service, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined above.